J.C. Granger

"Exploring the future of business and technology with CEO, author, traveler, and proud father, Max."

About J.C. Granger



Granger is an experienced digital marketing expert and a passionate entrepreneur.

With a degree in Psychology from the University of Colorado-Boulder, he has developed a deep understanding of consumer psychology and digital lead generation for the tech industry.

He is the CEO of Infinity Marketing Group, which he launched in 2011, and the host of “The Future of BizTech” Podcast.

Additionally, he is an international traveler and a proud father.


C. is a great potential podcast guest due to his expertise in the tech industry, his deep understanding of consumer psychology and digital lead generation, and his experience and knowledge as an international traveler.

In addition, he has a unique perspective on the importance of technology in business and innovation, which will make for an interesting and thought-provoking discussion.

He is available to discuss SaaS and Tech marketing topics, and has studio-quality microphone and webcam equipment to make the podcasting experience a success.