J.V. Hilliard

"Experience the thrill of D&D and fantasy novels with an epic and dark twist!"

About J.V. Hilliard



Hilliard is an epic and dark fantasy author from Pittsburgh, United States.

With an educational background in creative writing and a work ethic instilled by his father, J.

V. has created a realm of brave knights, harrowing adventure and legendary struggles with his writing.

His influences include TTRPG and strategy game experiences, weaving together Dungeons and Dragons with sword and sorcery novels.


V. is an experienced speaker, having spoken at many events and conferences, and is available for remote podcasts.

He is an eloquent English speaker and has the equipment necessary for a successful podcast appearance.



Hilliard is an ideal podcast guest because of his vast knowledge and experience in the fantasy genre.

His talent for weaving together TTRPG and strategy game experiences with his writing, as well as his background in creative writing, make him an expert in the field.

Furthermore, he is knowledgeable about the industry, having spoken at events and conferences, and is available for remote podcasts.

His inspiring story of hard work and dedication to the craft is sure to captivate audiences.