Jacqueline Shaulis

"Empowering introverted women to confidently express their AWESOME at work and beyond" - The Excitable Introvert.

About Jacqueline Shaulis

Jacqueline Shaulis is the #1 authority on communication-based personal leadership for introverted women of color and the founder of Awesome Enterprises LLC.

Dubbed "The Excitable Introvert", Jacqueline is an international speaker, 6-time global bestselling author, and award-winning performer with a mission to empower people, especially women of color, to embrace their AWESOME, engage their gifts, and empower their world.

Her expertise has been featured in Forbes, Dr.

Oz, MarketWatch, Washington Post, Romper, and International Business Times.

Jacqueline is the perfect podcast guest for anyone looking to bring "energy, enthusiasm, and flair" to their show.

With her extensive experience in global knowledge management communication, Jacqueline is uniquely qualified to provide motivational yet practical guidance on recognizing and supporting emerging and established leaders, increasing employee satisfaction and engagement, and improving diversity, equality, and inclusion.

She is also equipped with a studio-quality microphone and webcam, and is available on both weekends and weekdays for remote interviews.

Invite Jacqueline Shaulis to your podcast for a lively and informative discussion that will leave your listeners feeling inspired to embrace their AWESOME.

She is the perfect guest to help your audience maximize their potential and become the best version of themselves.