Jad T Jones

"Max helps men confidently attract their ideal partner with authentic and trust-worthy methods."

About Jad T Jones

Jad T Jones is an experienced life coach and mentor from Vancouver, Canada.

He has dedicated his life to helping people around the world to attract their dream woman through methods of complete integrity.

Jad's journey towards helping others began when he was younger.

Growing up without a father, Jad suffered from extreme shyness and low self-esteem, which affected his ability to socialize with women.

He then embarked on a mission to become great at the game of seduction, but soon allowed himself to be lead astray and resorted to manipulative tactics.

Thankfully, he eventually met a mentor who showed him the right path, and he has been spreading the message of integrity to millions of men ever since.

Jad is an experienced speaker and has spoken on topics such as relationships, self-improvement, male health & lifestyle, and life coaching.

He is well-versed in English and is equipped with a studio-quality microphone and webcam.

He is available for remote interviews on weekdays and weekends.

Jad T Jones would be a great potential podcast guest because of his extensive experience and knowledge on relationships, self-improvement, and life coaching.

He is passionate about spreading the message of integrity and using his story to help others.

He is an engaging speaker and would provide valuable insight to your podcast listeners.