Jamarr Jabari

"Revolutionary Politics Through Music: Exploring Police Brutality, Labor Rights, Foreign Policy, Anti-War and Anti-Imperialism, and Pan Africanism."

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About Jamarr Jabari

Jamarr Jabari is an experienced podcaster, musician, rapper, activist, and member of People's Struggle-CT.

He is the co-host of Tommy Nation Politics, and has released an album called The Book of One, discussing themes of togetherness and featuring artists from all over the world.

His areas of expertise include music, poetry, LGBTQ+ liberation, police brutality, workers' rights, foreign policy, domestic policy, U.

S. history, Black American experience, Native American solidarity, and election campaigns.

He is an excellent choice as a podcast guest due to his deep expertise and educational perspective on current topics such as China and Russia.

Jamarr is an engaging and passionate speaker, and would be an ideal guest for any podcast looking to discuss topics of police brutality, labor rights, foreign policy, anti-war and anti-imperialism, or Pan-Africanism revolutionary politics.

He has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw upon, and can provide insights from a wide range of cultural, political, and musical perspectives.

With his USB/External Microphone and Webcam, Jamarr is available to appear on podcasts both weekdays and weekends.

If you're looking for an experienced, knowledgeable guest who can bring a unique and passionate perspective to your podcast, Jamarr Jabari is the perfect choice.

With his vast experience in music, culture, and politics, he can provide engaging and educational conversations on a broad range of topics and issues.