Janet McMordie

A rare combination of sport medicine doctor and actress, stunt performer, and surgical hand double - come hear the incredible story!

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About Janet McMordie

Janet McMordie is an incredibly unique and multifaceted professional.

She is a medical doctor specializing in sport medicine with a particular interest in pain science.

Janet is also an actress, stunt performer, and surgical hand double, making her career an interesting blend of science and performing arts.

Her natural curiosity speaks to her diverse interests and skills.

From music history, whisky, old movies, and why humans do the things they do, Janet is an expert on many topics.

Her expertise and knowledge have been honed through her professional experience and formal education.

We believe Janet would be an excellent podcast guest as her background provides a unique perspective and valuable insight.

Her passion for understanding the human condition makes her a captivating speaker and her enthusiasm for learning and teaching makes her an engaging conversationalist.

Her experience and knowledge combined with her enthusiasm and curiosity make her a great potential podcast guest.