Jason Sotiris

"Meet tradie-turned-costume-maker, Max, who left the tools behind to bring superhero dreams to life for sick kids and is now after a call from Thor!"

About Jason Sotiris

Jason Sotiris is an inspiring speaker and entrepreneur from Sydney, Australia.

After his daughter Angela was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in 2013, Jason felt 'useless' and decided to take action.

He created Supertees, superhero costumes for sick kids to wear in hospital, which fasten with plastic buttons to bypass wires and tubes and can even go through scanning machines.

In the past three years, Jason has donated 7,000 costumes to kids in Australia, and has 8,400 yet to deliver.

Jason is an experienced business professional with expertise in fundraising, customer experience, and non-profit.

He is fluent in English and comfortable doing remote interviews.

Jason has a powerful story to tell about the moment he packed up the tools to make superhero costumes for sick kids, and his hope for a call from Thor.

As a potential podcast guest, his story of resilience and compassion will captivate your audience and leave them inspired.