Jason Wojo

"From student to CEO: Jason's inspiring journey with Lifeonaire."

About Jason Wojo

Jason Wojo is an experienced entrepreneur, business consultant, and public speaker from Raleigh, United States.

He speaks English, and has an extensive background of business, education, and life coaching.

Jason first came to Lifeonaire as a student in 2009 and is now the CEO of the company.

In 2011, Jason quit his job to go full time in real estate and it took 11 months to do so.

His real estate experience includes rehabbing, wholesaling, new construction, and private lending & joint ventures.

He has consulted businesses ranging from gyms and supplement companies to plumbing and HVAC companies, coaching, and more.

Jason also was a coach for Lifeonaire until he took over as CEO and is now the lead trainer and speaker for the company.

Outside of work, Jason is married with three daughters, and a Weiner dog.

He enjoys lifting weights and playing electric guitar in his church's worship band.

Jason is available for remote interviews and equipped with a webcam and studio quality microphone.

With his expertise in business, education, and life coaching, Jason is a great potential podcast guest.

He has the experience and knowledge to speak on many topics, and has the unique perspective of having both been a student of Lifeonaire and now running the company as CEO.

He is passionate about empowering others, and has the ability to help listeners truly understand the Lifeonaire philosophy.