Javier Llerena

Helping couples build strong, God-centered relationships for a lifetime.

About Javier Llerena

Javier Llerena is an author, speaker, and marriage retreat facilitator who is passionate about helping couples create life-changing relationships.

He and his wife Christina have extensive experience in marriage preparation and counseling, drawing on their own lessons from a brush with divorce in 2010.

They have worked with over 1000 individuals, and their book “Boundless Love: Healing Your Marriage Before It Begins” is a testament of their expertise.

Javier is a great potential podcast guest because he can offer a unique insight into relationships and marriage.

He is experienced in helping couples cultivate faith, set healthy boundaries, and work through childhood patterns that can sabotage relationships.

With his knowledge and gift for storytelling, Javier is sure to deliver an interesting and inspiring conversation.