Jeevan Matharu

Transformational Coach and Mensa member: Unlocking personal growth through knowledge and insight.

About Jeevan Matharu

Jeevan Matharu is an experienced and knowledgeable 33-year-old Author, Transformational Coach, Financial Adviser, Judo player, and member of Mensa.

His journey to success started with his expulsion from a private school for poor behavior, and he has since acquired qualifications in Life Coaching, Psychology, and Counselling.

He is currently ranked as the 16th top player in the UK for weight U73kg in Judo, is in the GB Masters Squad (Veterans), and is writing a second book on how to analyse yourself and plan your life out, while becoming your best self.

He has also been featured in the Times Newspaper for one of the Top Advisers in 2021, and is the host of the Vanquish Podcast.

Jeevan Matharu is a perfect fit for any podcast which covers topics on self-improvement, physicality, attitude and mentality, spirituality, alpha and the sigma, motivation, goals, power, energy and vibrations, sales, psychology, regret, affirmations, time management, negotiating, words, strategy, faith, limiting beliefs, purpose, subconscious mind, communication, gratification, gratitude, morning routine, finance, and admitting you are the problem.

He has already been featured on numerous podcasts, and his content is sure to be interesting and engaging.

With his expertise, experience, and knowledge, Jeevan Matharu is an ideal podcast guest.

He is a great storyteller, and his life experiences make him a great source of information and inspiration for any audience.

He is passionate about maximising potential, mastering the mind, and asking the right questions – topics which many listeners can relate to.

He is well-versed in a variety of topics and is sure to provide valuable commentary and insights to any podcast.