Jeff Wickersham

Experience transformation and discover a new life path with Max - helping you rebuild after rock bottom.

About Jeff Wickersham

Jeff Wickersham is a male speaker from the United States in the city of Chicago, with a background of expertise in business, entrepreneurship, careers, self-improvement and health & fitness.

He has the ability to speak in English and has the necessary equipment of a built-in microphone and webcam.

He is also available for remote speaking engagements on weekdays.

Jeff has a unique and compelling story.

He understands first-hand how it's possible to rebuild one's life after hitting rock bottom through his own experience with addiction, substance abuse, an impending divorce, a crumbling business, and financial ruin.

He was determined to turn his life around and did just that in 18 months.

He now uses his story to help others do the same.

Jeff is a great potential podcast guest due to his inspiring and motivating story.

He is able to provide valuable insight and advice to those who are also struggling to turn their life around.

His pitch, "I help people understand it’s not only possible to rebuild their lives after hitting rock bottom, but that it doesn’t have to take as long" is both inspirational and encouraging, making him an ideal podcast guest.