Jen Thornton

Unlock the power of the brain to drive leadership success.

About Jen Thornton

Jennifer Thornton is an inspiring entrepreneur, public speaker and subject-matter-expert on Progressive Leadership and Talent Strategy for Global Organizations on the Grow.

She helps executives and organizations understand the neuroscience of the brain and use it to build better leaders.

Jennifer is the founder and CEO of 304, a coaching and consulting company specializing in talent strategy and custom education.

She is the host of the podcast Let's Fix Leadership and is an ACC accredited transformational leadership coach.

With her experience, expertise and knowledge, Jennifer Thornton is the perfect podcast guest.

She can bring her enthusiasm and passion for neuroscience and building company culture to any discussion, while also providing insight into how to build better leaders.

She can also provide valuable advice on how to create authentic alignment with values and vision, as well as how to recruit and develop talent strategies.

With her remote availability and equipment, Jennifer Thornton will be a great addition to any podcast.