Jennifer Peavey

"Learn to combine reflection and action to achieve success without feeling the stress – let nature be your guide!"

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About Jennifer Peavey

Jennifer Peavey is an experienced and knowledgeable speaker with a varied background in engineering, design, and innovation.

Through the pandemic, she found a new way of combining reflection and action, which she has shared in her book Natural Reflectors to help people protect themselves from burnout and create space in their lives to engage with what matters to them.

With over 3,000 followers across Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook, she is a highly sought after public speaker and has been featured on 10 podcasts and 7 live events.

Jennifer is well-versed in topics such as the author’s journey, personal process development, reflection to prevent burnout, methods of reflection, finding inspiration in nature, applying nature’s inspirations, and the user’s experience.

She is well-equipped with a webcam and USB/external microphone, and is available for remote podcasts on weekends and weekdays.

Jennifer Peavey is the perfect guest for any podcast looking to discuss how we can find peace and success through intentional reflection and action.

Her wealth of experience and knowledge, along with her engaging presence and down-to-earth attitude, makes her an ideal guest for any podcast.