Jennifer & Stephanie PageWise

"Creating Authentic Love: Quantum Relationship Coaching for LGBTQ+ Individuals Seeking Spiritual Connections."

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About Jennifer & Stephanie PageWise

Jennifer & Stephanie PageWise are Quantum Relationship Coaches working with the LGBTQ+ community to bring more love to the world, one relationship at a time.

With two degrees in psychology and a master’s degree in social work between them, plus their own relationship experience, they are able to provide an incredible level of expertise and knowledge in helping people learn the ways to have true intimacy and build rock-solid relationships.

Not only do they have the knowledge, but they also have a powerful story about how they met, experienced disability, broke up, found their Authentic Self based on their Spiritual Path and then found their way back to a solid, healthy, loving relationship.

With the help of their own tools developed through their experience, they can help others to achieve the same.

Jennifer & Stephanie are available for both in-person and remote engagements and are equipped with studio quality microphone and webcam.

Jennifer & Stephanie are the perfect podcast guests to bring hope to all those struggling with their relationships in life.

Their amazing fairytale story combined with their expertise and knowledge makes them the ideal guests to speak with on any podcast.

With their entertaining and informative conversation, they can provide your podcast with a unique perspective on relationships and help bring more love to the world!