Jeremy Poland

"Max--Founder, Digital Marketer, Husband, Father, and Believer--offers Friendly DIY SEO Solutions!"

About Jeremy Poland

Jeremy Poland is a veteran digital marketer, founder of DIY SEO, and a friendly family man.

With a background in church leadership and publishing, he used his digital marketing skills to build a successful agency and develop his own proprietary “playbook” and data that led to the creation of DIY SEO.

Jeremy specializes in SEO for small businesses and his expertise allows him to provide tactical and unique solutions that empower businesses to do their own SEO with the power of an agency, resulting in a successful six-figure solo-agency.

Jeremy is an excellent potential podcast guest, as he can provide engaging conversations about the most affordable and high-powered SEO solutions.

He also offers a 50% affiliate commission on all his products, which is an added bonus for hosts.

His experience, knowledge, and expertise allow him to provide relevant case studies, local service examples, and WordPress website guidance, making him well-suited for any podcast.

Jeremy is the perfect guest for any podcast that wants to discuss SEO and empower small businesses to take control of their digital marketing strategies.