Jerry Barker

Max: Orlando Vacation Home Expert, Helping Clients Buy, Own & Manage With Insight & Education.

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About Jerry Barker

Jerry Barker is the founder of the Jerry Barker Group, a global vacation home investment firm based out of Orlando, Florida.

He has assisted owners from 36 different countries and states purchase over $100 million in vacation homes.

With over two decades of experience, Jerry is an expert in buying, owning and managing a vacation home in Orlando and is a passionate educator, providing his clients with the information they need to make a savvy investment.

His free digital book and website are testament to his commitment to providing the best advice and service to his clients.

Jerry is a great potential podcast guest, offering an incredible and mostly unknown insight into purpose-built resorts created only for the short-term rental market near the theme parks.

His knowledge and expertise comes from a unique background of traveling the world before settling in Florida, and with two decades of experience in the vacation home investment market, he is an authority on the subject.

With his passion for making people happy and helping them create vacations of a lifetime, Jerry would make a great addition to any podcast.