Jesan Sorrells

"Transform organizational issues with Jesan Sorrells' intentional application of sound leadership practices."

About Jesan Sorrells

Jesan Sorrells is an inspiring leader and a passionate entrepreneur with an impressive resume.

He is the CEO and Founder of HSCT Publishing, a remote-first, video-based, software publishing platform company.

He has produced a wide range of content on his social media profiles, YouTube channel, and podcast.

His experience in management, marketing, and leadership has earned him the title of one of Central New York and the Southern Tier’s Top Forty Young Professionals Under 40.

He is an inspiring speaker who is passionate about helping organizations thrive through the effective application of leadership principles.

With his expertise and knowledge, Jesan is a great potential podcast guest.

Jesan's compelling stories and inspiring insight will provide your podcast audience with an exciting and memorable experience.

His unique perspective on leadership will equip your listeners with the necessary tools to build and run successful organizations.

Jesan's experience and expertise will also provide valuable advice on how to effectively market and bootstrap any business.

His diverse interests and knowledge make him an ideal guest for any podcast looking to provide their audience with high-quality content and meaningful conversation.