Jessica Koch

Maximizing Impact Through Laughter-Filled and Unique Training Experiences.

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About Jessica Koch

Jessica Koch is a national sales professional with over 25 years of experience, having worked with renowned clients such as Disney and Verizon.

She has trained and managed multiple sales teams who have achieved great success.

Jessica is a great public speaker, having given national presentations and featured on podcasts and video interviews.

The daughter of a retired Navy service member, Jessica has traveled extensively around the world and currently resides in Solomon’s Island, Maryland.

Jessica is passionate about guiding business owners and sales professionals to achieving a balanced sales and marketing strategy, combining classic sales techniques with cutting edge technology.

She is an experienced user of LinkedIn and has a wealth of knowledge in this area that can help businesses turn connections into clients, resulting in an increase in bottom line results and time for family and community life.

Jessica Koch is a great potential podcast guest due to her wealth of experience in the business world and her ability to share valuable lessons and knowledge with her audience.

With her passion for educating and her sense of humor, Jessica is sure to provide an engaging and entertaining podcast experience that will leave listeners feeling inspired and motivated.