Jill Hollander

Empowering global communities to unlock resilience, gain clarity, and embrace what matters most.

About Jill Hollander

Jill Hollander is an inspiring speaker and life coach based in Newark, United States.

She has a unique story of grit that includes a congenital heart defect, a heart transplant, and six triumphant responses to each Lymphoma diagnosis.

Jill encourages her audience to recognize their courage, reframe their challenges and reinvent their lives.

She helps people around the world rise with resiliency, gain perspective, and boldly claim what is truly important.

Jill is a great potential podcast guest as she has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share.

With her inspiring background and passion for helping people, she can provide valuable insights to your audience.

She is available for remote interviews during weekdays and comes with built in microphone and webcam.

Plus, she is fluent in English.

So, book Jill Hollander now and let her share her story of grit and determination with your audience!