Jillian Aurora

Empowering women to reach their goddess potential - Jillian, the women's empowerment and self worth facilitator.

About Jillian Aurora

Jillian Aurora is a women's empowerment and self worth facilitator with 13 years of experience in the mental health field.

She has her bachelors in criminal justice and a minor in psychology.

She specializes in supporting women to transition from Good Girl to Goddess through her practice Goddess LLC.

She has actively served on the Idaho Mediation Association Board for three years and is a member of several organizations including the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, the Idaho State Bar, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and Soroptimist International.

Jillian is a survivor of severe religious trauma, domestic violence, financial abuse, and sexual abuse.

She has been able to use her own struggles to benefit other women, helping them to break free from the programming that makes them vulnerable to repeated relationship abuse and codependent relationships.

Jillian's style is cerebral, straightforward, and intuitive, and she places emphasis on self trust, intuition, personal authority, discernment, and loyalty to personal values and standards.

Jillian Aurora is the perfect podcast guest for conversations about women's empowerment, self worth, and religious trauma.

With her 13 years of experience in the mental health field, her educational background, and her membership in various organizations, she has a wealth of knowledge and insight to draw from.

Jillian's personal story of resilience and strength is sure to inspire and empower listeners, and her straightforward yet intuitive style will make for a captivating conversation.