Jim Flynn

"Thrill your audience with financial humor - Max, the financial thriller writer!"

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About Jim Flynn

Jim Flynn is a funny and retired financial advisor, who has 35 years of experience in the business.

He is a writer of financial thrillers with humor, and believes that too many thrillers are too deadly serious.

He currently lives in rural Connecticut, taking care of two horses and 28 acres.

He got into writing after appearing as a Jeopardy contestant and writing an article about the experience.

Jim has three books on Amazon, with the first being a humorous fictional memoir and the next two being financial thrillers featuring a recurring protagonist.

Jim has a wealth of knowledge and experience about the financial industry, and an understanding of the comedy and thriller genres.

He is the perfect guest for podcasts looking to discuss financial topics with a humorous twist.

Jim is also available for remote interviews during weekends and weekdays.