Jim Lee

Maximize your financial potential and reach your dreams with a value-add multifamily syndicator.

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About Jim Lee

Jim Lee is an experienced value-add multifamily syndicator based in Diamond Bar, United States.

He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from UCLA and started his career as an inside sales representative for LoopNet/Costar.

His experience in sales gave him the opportunity to save and invest in his first 2 bed/1 bath condo, and since then he has taken part in real estate syndication and has invested in over 600 units in the past 2 years.

Jim has extensive experience in business, with specialties in real estate, entrepreneurship, and investing.

He is fluent in English and Chinese, and his interests include business, real estate, entrepreneurship, investing, and places & travel.

Jim has the equipment necessary to produce a high-quality podcast episode, including a studio-quality microphone and webcam, and is available on weekends and weekdays.

He is comfortable with both in-person and remote guest formats.

If you're looking for an experienced guest who can provide valuable insights and advice on real estate, entrepreneurship, and investing, Jim Lee is the perfect podcast guest for you!

He has a wealth of experience in the multifamily syndication industry and can offer your listeners helpful and actionable advice on wealth-building and improving their financial life.

He's an articulate and articulate communicator, and he's also fluent in English and Chinese.

With his expertise and knowledge, Jim is sure to bring powerful and inspiring content to your podcast!