Jim Shoopack

From darkness to light: PhD marathoner raising awareness for mental health.

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About Jim Shoopack

Jim Shoopack is a male speaker based in the United States who has an inspiring story to tell.

He has overcome suicidal thoughts through debilitating depression and has completed 21 marathons for mental health awareness, earning his doctorate along the way.

Jim is multilingual, speaking both English and Spanish fluently.

His interests include Education, Mental Health, Christianity, Personal Journals, and Pets & Animals.

He is equipped with a built-in microphone and webcam, and is available for both in-person and remote podcasts.

Jim is a great potential podcast guest because of his unique life experience.

He is an expert on mental health and has a unique story about how he overcame his depression and has dedicated his life to promoting mental health awareness.

He is a public speaker with a doctorate in Education and is passionate about helping those in need.

He is a great storyteller and is sure to captivate any audience with his inspiring story and mission.