Jim Turner

Grow your real estate brokerage with ninja-level tips from me!

About Jim Turner

Jim Turner is the CEO of Brokerkit, a real estate brokerage that helps agents in North America accelerate their growth.

As an experienced entrepreneur, Jim has extensive knowledge of the real estate, SaaS, marketing, and startup industries.

He is well-versed in business and has an educational background in economics and finance.

Jim is a great potential podcast guest, as he has the ability to provide expert advice on how to grow a real estate brokerage.

He can offer insightful tips on how to improve agent recruitment and retention, as well as provide valuable knowledge on the real estate and SaaS industries.

Furthermore, Jim has the necessary equipment (built-in microphone and webcam) and is available during weekdays and weekends.

Jim Turner can provide an engaging and informative interview for podcast guests.

He has the knowledge and experience to share valuable tips and advice on how to grow a real estate brokerage and succeed in business.

With his background in economics and finance, Jim also brings a unique perspective to the conversation.

Furthermore, Jim is available for remote interviews and is eager to share his expertise with podcast audiences.