John Foster

"Unlock your potential with 15 years of personal training experience as a mind & life coach."

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About John Foster

John Foster is an experienced mind and life coach, having spent over 15 years as a personal trainer and over 10,000 hours training individuals and groups.

With a background in ancient philosophies like Stoicism and a wealth of knowledge in modern science, John is an expert in helping people optimize their lives both mentally and physically.

He has created a coaching program that addresses the underlying issues of negative emotions, belief systems, and thought patterns, as well as helps his clients develop the lifestyle that fits their overall goals and desired lifestyle.

Additionally, he has opened an online academy called, The Gymnasion: Mind and Life Academy, to teach and empower people to optimize their lives.

John Foster is an ideal guest for any podcast looking to discuss mental health, philosophy, life coaching, self-improvement, or health and fitness.

With his wealth of experience, knowledge of ancient and modern philosophies, and his own personal training and coaching background, John can offer a unique and insightful perspective to your listeners.

His expertise will be sure to captivate and inspire your audience to make lasting and sustainable change in their lives.