John Laurito

John turns complex leadership principles into achievable results!

About John Laurito

Meet John Laurito, CFP, ChFC, CRPC.

For 20+ years, John has been a leader in the financial services industry, focusing on transforming struggling organizations into successful ones.

He has achieved incredible success, with three out of four situations rising from last to first, second, or third in the country.

His expertise in leadership has made him a sought-after speaker, including a recent appearance at a TEDx talk.

He hosts the Tomorrow's Leader podcast and is the author of the book Tomorrow's Leader.

John has a wealth of experience and knowledge in topics such as creating a high performance culture, influencing behaviors & attitudes, preparing organizations for growth, and developing the next tier of leaders.

He is available weekdays and is equipped with a webcam and studio quality microphone for remote formats.

We believe that John would make a great potential podcast guest due to his extensive experience in the financial services industry and his enthusiasm for leadership topics.

He has a proven track record of transforming organizations and inspiring others with his talks.

John is the perfect guest for any podcast looking for an expert in leadership and business.