John Moore

Expert in Shamanism, Spirituality, the Paranormal and Spiritual Life Coaching.

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About John Moore

John Moore is an expert guest on shamanism, spirituality, the paranormal, and spiritual life coaching.

A master of his craft, John has dedicated the past two decades to working in the technology sector before turning to shamanism to heal himself during a personal crisis.

John has a BA in Mass Communication, an MBA, a Master's degree in Information Technology, and is a 3rd-degree black belt in ketsugo jujutsu, certified hypnotherapist, and meditation instructor.

John has written a column on the intersection of spirituality and men's health for The Good Men Project and co-hosts his own podcast.

Drawing on years of shamanic apprenticeship, advanced initiations, and teacher training, John believes we interconnect with everything and everyone through a unique spark of divinity inside each of us and that we co-create our reality.

John Moore has the perfect combination of personal and professional experiences to offer unique and valuable insights as a guest to your podcast.

His long-term dedication to his craft and his broad knowledge of shamanism, spirituality, the paranormal, and spiritual life coaching makes him an ideal podcast guest.

With a wealth of real-life examples and personal stories, John will provide your listeners with an interesting and informative experience.