Jonathan McLernon

"Help transform your emotional eating habits with an expert coach, passionate about behavioral psychology, weight loss, entrepreneurship and mentorship."

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About Jonathan McLernon

Jonathan McLernon is an expert emotional eating coach, entrepreneur and mentor with a diverse background that spans from nanotechnology research chemist to Navy marine engineer to globetrotting nomad.

Jonathan has seen it all and has used his experiences to help others through his program Lifestyle-180.

Through this program, Jonathan combines the psychology of behavior change with the science of metabolism and the compassion of human connection, to create life-changing transformations.

By teaching people how to lose 50-80lbs and reverse-engineer their own healthy lifestyle WITHOUT diets, Jonathan has helped many to achieve incredible results.

Jonathan has also written 3 mini-courses and 2 full courses teaching coaches how to build lean and efficient scalable businesses from the ground up.

With his inspiring backstory, vast knowledge, and experience, Jonathan is the perfect podcast guest.

He is able to provide a unique perspective on topics such as behavioral psychology, brain-driven weight loss, entrepreneurship, and mentorship.

If you are looking for an exciting and knowledgeable podcast guest, Jonathan McLernon is your man.

His inspiring story and wealth of knowledge and experience make him a great source of knowledge for any podcast.

His ability to provide unique perspectives and stories on topics such as behavioral psychology, weight loss, entrepreneurship, and mentorship make him an ideal guest.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to have Jonathan McLernon as a guest on your podcast.