Jordan Willshear

Jordan helps Millennials reduce stress and get ahead: step up to promotions and pay raises.

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About Jordan Willshear

Jordan Willshear is a high performance coach with over 12 years of experience in teaching, personal training, sport coaching and IT.

He helps Millennials who are feeling stressed and overwhelmed to gain promotions and pay raises.

Jordan is based in Bristol, UK and is available for remote engagements.

Jordan discovered his passion for coaching during his own journey of transformation.

He started to critically evaluate his life and took a deep dive into personal development.

This allowed him to understand and develop his own personalized blueprint for high performance.

Jordan wants to use his knowledge and experience to help others reach their goals and gain confidence in their career.

Jordan's approach to improving performance centers around developing a high-performance mindset.

He has created a program for career-focused Millennials which helps them build their own values-embedded toolkit.

His content focuses on providing proven actions rather than just motivating concepts to help Millennials succeed in their careers.

Jordan Willshear is a great potential podcast guest who can provide valuable insights into the struggles of Millennial career development, and help the audience understand how to create a personalized blueprint for high performance.

His 12 years of experience in coaching, teaching and personal training, as well as his own journey of transformation, make him an ideal speaker to bring knowledge and inspiration to your podcast.