Joseph Gioconda

Unparalleled success in law and literature: Joseph C. Gioconda (Joe)

About Joseph Gioconda

Joseph C.

Gioconda (Joe) is a unique combination of a successful trial attorney and an acclaimed author of horror novels.

Joe studied to become a Catholic priest at a prep Seminary, but ultimately decided to pursue a secular life and attended Yale Law School.

He has since used his writing skills and powers of persuasion to publish several novels and short stories in the horror and historical fiction genres, including The Pope's Butcher, Salem's Ropes, and his upcoming third novel Katrina's Crosses.

His novels have received widespread critical acclaim for their incredible historical accuracy and research, as well as page-turning style.

Joe is also publishing an anthology of 33 horror-themed short stories called Fleeting Chills.

He is fluent in English and located in New York City.

Joe Gioconda is a great potential podcast guest due to his unique combination of legal expertise and horror writing.

His novels have been praised for their historical accuracy and research, while his short stories provide a more creative take on the horror genre.

His personal story of moving from a Seminary to law school is a compelling one, and his expertise as a trial attorney provides an interesting perspective on the legal aspects of many topics.

Joe is also available for both in-person and remote interviews, and is well-equipped with a Studio Quality Microphone and Webcam.