Joseph Lenard

Award-winning author using wit and humor to tackle tough topics.

About Joseph Lenard

Joseph Lenard is a lifelong resident of Wyandotte, Michigan, and a former information technology professional.

He is a political and conservative issues blogger, writer, vlogger and author of Terror Strikes.

He is an acclaimed speaker and enjoys dealing with serious subject matters, with a flair for comic relief.

Joseph is comfortable speaking in both in-person and remote formats and is available on weekdays and weekends.

He has his own built-in microphone and webcam equipment.

Joseph is highly knowledgeable about books, fiction, news, politics and Christianity and speaks English fluently.

Joseph Lenard is an experienced and entertaining speaker.

He is passionate about serious topics, but has a knack for making them entertaining and accessible for a wider range of audiences.

His writing and speaking skills combined with his expertise on topics such as books, fiction, news, politics, and Christianity make him an ideal podcast guest.