Joseph Zahaitis

"Experienced payments expert passionate about the cannabis industry - embracing all payment possibilities!"

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About Joseph Zahaitis

Joseph Zahaitis is an experienced payments industry expert with over 30 years of experience.

He has been in the cannabis space since 2009, and is currently president of a well-known company in this space.

He is well-versed in the latest trends in credit card payments, crypto, debit, ACH, offshore, cloud, and P2P.

Joseph is more than just a payments industry expert - he is an online radio station owner, video gamer, Discord server manager, and loves music.

He has the equipment and availability to be a great podcast guest in either in-person or remote settings.

His wealth of knowledge and experience in the payments industry, plus his ability to engage in conversations in other areas makes him an ideal candidate for a podcast guest.

With Joseph as a guest, podcasts can expect an informed, entertaining, and engaging conversation.