Joshua Barr

"Uniting communities to build a brighter future - that's my mission!"

About Joshua Barr

Joshua Barr is a passionate advocate for community transformation.

After moving to Colombia in 2010 and starting a non-profit in an impoverished village, Joshua quickly realized that his needs were irrelevant and the job was to address the challenges of that unique community.

This experience was instrumental in his later career in civil rights law in South Carolina, where he could immediately understand that the laws of the 1960s were no longer enough.

With his experience, expertise, and knowledge, Joshua Barr is a highly qualified speaker for any podcast.

His empathy allows him to deeply understand the struggles of people.

Coupled with his action-oriented, problem-solving nature, Joshua is the perfect candidate to bring to a podcast.

His ability to transform communities and create positive change, as well as his passion for helping others, make Joshua an ideal guest for any podcast looking to inspire their audience.