Joshua Penner

"Founder, CEO, Mayor, Veteran, Author, Harvard Alumni: Executive Strategist and Marketer - Max Taylor, Inquisio.AI"

Artificial Intelligence
About Joshua Penner

Joshua Penner is an experienced executive leader with over twenty years of expertise in strategic planning, marketing, data science, and business analytics.

He holds a Master of Liberal Arts (ALM) in Management from Harvard University and graduate certifications in Strategic Management and Finance.

As the CEO & Founder of Inquisio.

AI, Joshua is passionate about leveraging the power of AI to revolutionize government-citizen communication and transform public records management.

With a background in public policy, Joshua has served in various leadership roles, including as a Mayor and City Council member, bringing valuable insights and firsthand experience in navigating the challenges faced by government agencies.

His extensive marketing and data analysis background allows him to create unique strategies that increase engagement, conversion rates, and revenues.

In addition, his experience as a USMC Veteran in Operation Iraqi Freedom provides him with a rare perspective on the importance of government-citizen interactions.

Joshua is the perfect podcast guest for conversations about the future of government-citizen interactions, AI advancements in the GovTech space, and ways to revolutionize public records management.

His 20+ years of executive leadership experience, deep understanding of government challenges, and enthusiasm for driving change make him an ideal candidate to share valuable insights with podcast audiences.

With his impressive expertise and knowledge, Joshua can provide a unique and inspiring perspective to any conversation.