Joy Overstreet

"Unlock the power of self-love and learn to free yourself from diets and weight obsession with The Cherry Pie Paradox."

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About Joy Overstreet

Joy Overstreet is an experienced speaker and author of The Cherry Pie Paradox: the Surprising Path to Diet Freedom and Lasting Weight Loss.

With an extensive background in public health and mindfulness, Joy has dedicated her life to helping women break free from diets and weight obsession.

She created Thin Within, a popular 2-month workshop program in the SF Bay Area, in 1975 and shares her expertise through her book, podcast, and website.

Joy is passionate about informing, entertaining, and inspiring her audiences with her stories and tips on healthy eating and weight loss.

Joy Overstreet is an incredibly compelling podcast guest with her experience in public health, her knowledge of mindful eating, and her passion for helping women break free from dieting and weight obsession.

Her warm, humorous, and relatable nature offers your listeners the perfect companion for their journey to befriending their bodies and the food that nourishes them.

She is able to provide helpful stories and tips on how to increase eating pleasure and decrease guilt, how to identify and resist the Pirates of Resistance, how to navigate social eating situations, and why diets do not work.

Joy Overstreet is the ideal podcast guest for any show looking for an engaging, knowledgeable speaker.