JP Bolwahnn

"Learn from a former Navy SEAL how to achieve your goals and lead a healthier life!"

About JP Bolwahnn

JP Bolwahnn is a former Navy SEAL and founder of Higher Level Coaching, a life and fitness coaching company based in Honolulu, United States.

He speaks English and Spanish and is passionate about health and fitness, male health and lifestyle, fitness, nutrition, and life coaching.

JP is an inspiring and motivational speaker who shares his story of becoming a Navy SEAL, playing college football in his 30's, competing in high-level rugby, and becoming a firefighter on the island of Kauai, Hawaii at the age of 43.

He encourages audiences to overcome self-limiting beliefs and reach their goals and dreams.

JP is equipped with a USB/External Microphone and Webcam and is available for podcast bookings on Weekends and Weekdays.

JP Bolwahnn is the perfect podcast guest for anyone looking for an inspirational and motivating story.

With his experience as a Navy SEAL and life coach, he has the knowledge and expertise to provide insights on health, fitness, nutrition, and life coaching.

He also has an inspiring story of accomplishing his "impossible" dreams and how others can do the same.

His compelling message has the power to motivate and educate listeners.