Julie Schniers

Maximizing communication, connection and confidence for leaders and their teams.

About Julie Schniers

Julie Schniers is an experienced speaker, executive coach, and leadership consultant from San Angelo, United States.

After thirteen years as a high school speech and debate coach, Julie has developed a passion for helping leaders understand the potential of people in their organization.

She believes that by focusing on communication, connection, and confidence, all leaders can make a difference in their space.

Julie’s master’s is in Executive Coaching and Consulting.

She has worked with school districts and businesses of all kinds, providing professional development and teaching the importance of people.

She has a strong memory for her own teaching tools, such as LEAN IN, which allows her to make a difference in every type of audience.

Julie is a great potential podcast guest as she has a wealth of experience both as an educator and as a coach.

She has the ability to share stories and provide insights into how to make an impact in any space, from boardrooms to classrooms.

Her teaching style and knowledge of people make her a great source of inspiration for any podcast.