Julie Scott

"Experience life's possibilities with an open, passionate over 50 woman!"

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About Julie Scott

Julie Scott is an inspiring woman over 50 who has made major changes in her life.

She has spent decades of her life overcoming negative self-esteem and people-pleasing tendencies.

Now, her mission is to help other mature women prioritize their needs, gain confidence and trust in themselves.

Through her personal experiences, Julie has gained a deep understanding of how to help other women embrace life with optimism and strength.

Julie is an experienced public speaker with a background in education, self-improvement, spirituality, mental health and how-to topics.

She is open, fun, optimistic, talkative and passionate about her work.

Her LinkedIn profile and website provide further insight into her professional experience and qualifications.

Julie is available to be booked as a remote podcast guest on weekdays and weekends.

She is equipped with a USB/External Microphone and webcam.

As a guest on your podcast, Julie is sure to be engaging, inspirational and informative.

She will provide your listeners with valuable insight into her life experiences as a mature woman and offer them the tools they need to gain confidence in themselves.