K. Edwin Bryant

"Uniting opposing voices with patience and language: that's my specialty."

About K. Edwin Bryant


Edwin Bryant is a renowned public theologian, professor, author, and corporate strategist from Dayton, United States.

With his extensive experience in advocating for underrepresented communities, Dr.

Bryant's goal is to transport us to the other side of race relations in this country.

A mentor for leaders of social justice movements, Dr.

Bryant is well-versed in topics ranging from Black History, LGBTQIA+ Political and Social Issues, Religion and Spirituality, Equality, and other Society and Culture-related topics.

He is a confident and articulate speaker, with the patience and linguistic capacity to filter controversial viewpoints between polarized communities.

As a podcast guest, Dr.

Bryant will bring to the table his unique knowledge and expertise on issues of social justice, diversity, and race relations.

His powerful stories of resilience, hope, and courage, coupled with his professional background, make him a compelling and thought-provoking guest.