Kaitlin McGreyes

Doula revolutionizing baby showers to empower mothers with postpartum support and address maternal healthcare.

About Kaitlin McGreyes

Kaitlin McGreyes is a passionate maternal healthcare advocate based in New York City.

For the past 6 years, she has been working tirelessly to provide new mothers with the support they need, most recently founding BeHerVillage, a gift registry for support instead of gifts.

She has built a doula team, ran a doula mentorship program, and sat on the council of Long Island Doula Association.

Kaitlin is an expert in the baby shower industry and her experience and knowledge in maternal healthcare make her an invaluable asset when discussing the US maternal healthcare crisis.

As a potential podcast guest, Kaitlin can offer unique insight into the baby shower industry, the US maternal healthcare crisis, and the importance of support for new parents.

Her passion and advocacy for new mothers is contagious and her dedication to the cause can inspire listeners to get involved and make a difference.