Karen Yankovich

Amplify Your Voice, Elevate Your Impact: Strategies for Women Rising

About Karen Yankovich

Karen Yankovich, the visionary CEO of Uplevel Media, LLC, and host of the Good Girls Get Rich Podcast, stands at the forefront of digital marketing as a LinkedIn Strategist and Business Consultant.

With a rich background spanning over three decades in information technology, marketing, and customer relationships, Karen is uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between technology and soulful entrepreneurship.

Her mission?

To empower women entrepreneurs to seize control of their futures by building influential thought leader brands.

Through personalized coaching, consulting, and online workshops, Karen imparts her "get it done" ethos, marrying smart business practices with soulful living.

She champions the importance of LinkedIn and PR as pivotal tools for women to establish their authority, attract lucrative opportunities, and create generational wealth.

Karen's approach is both strategic and compassionate, offering results-oriented marketing strategies that foster strong customer relationships and instant business growth.

In a world where women's voices are paramount, Karen Yankovich is a guiding light, inspiring her clients to embody the confidence and strategic savvy needed to thrive in the digital age.