Kat Nieh

Empowering singles to unlock their dating potential with clarity and confidence.

About Kat Nieh

Kat Nieh is a Dating Clarity Coach from San Francisco, United States who helps singles and those in the early stages of dating find clarity and confidence to manifest their partner and cocreate the relationship they’ve always wanted.

With a 12-year design career in the tech industry behind her, she is now passionate about boosting her clients’ self-confidence, elevating their dating perspective, and helping them to take aligned actions to cocreate their dream relationship.

Through her in-depth, signature process, she helps her clients to identify what they truly want in a relationship and guides them to think through the various aspects of a long-term, fulfilling relationship.

Her guidance helps her clients to take a step back, clarify their love vision, and ask for what they want.

Kat is the perfect podcast guest for any show interested in exploring relationships, self-improvement, and life coaching.

She has the knowledge and experience to provide valuable insights and advice to listeners about manifesting their partner and cocreating their dream relationship.

From her 12-year career in tech, to her book Love Vision Clarity: Define the vision to manifest your partner and cocreate your dream relationship, to her signature process, Kat is an excellent guest for any podcast looking for an expert on relationships and self-improvement.