Kehan Zhou

LGBT Proptech Innovator Empowering Rural Communities with AI Real Estate Agent.

About Kehan Zhou

Kehan Zhou is an openly gay proptech entrepreneur from Montreal, Canada.

He is the founder of, a revolutionary AI real estate agent disrupting the industry with a combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

Kehan speaks fluent English and Chinese and is an expert in the areas of startup, proptech, and rural real estate.

He believes that the future of real estate will be more efficient and less stressful for buyers and sellers, and is passionate about helping people take advantage of the rural real estate boom.

Kehan is well-equipped to be a great guest on any podcast, with a USB/External Microphone and Webcam, and he is available for both in-person and remote interviews on weekends and weekdays.

Kehan is the perfect podcast guest for any show looking to cover LGBT proptech, startup, real estate, rural real estate, or fundraising.

He has a wealth of knowledge to share and the enthusiasm to make any show a success.

His unique perspective and experience make him an ideal guest for any podcast looking to add value to its listeners.