ken tucker

Best Selling Author and Chief Marketing Strategist with expertise in Online Marketing, SEO, and Agency Ownership.

About ken tucker

Ken Tucker is the founder of Changescape Web, a Small Business Digital Marketing and Website Design Agency, and the author of two best-selling books on marketing and online reputation management.

With a wealth of expertise in search engine optimization, website design, reputation management, social media marketing, lead generation, and marketing automation, Ken is a well-rounded professional with a vast knowledge of the marketing industry.

Ken has multiple certifications including a Digital Marketer Certified Partner, Keap Certified Partner, Master Duct Tape Consultant, Direct-Response Copywriting Specialist, SEO for Growth, Customer Value Optimization Specialist, and Inbound Marketing.

He has served on the Board of Directors for the Greater St.

Charles County Chamber and the Cottleville-Weldon Spring Chamber, and taught one of the first college credit level Social Media Marketing classes in the US at the St.

Charles Community College.

Ken is an experienced speaker and can provide an engaging and thought-provoking conversation on topics such as marketing strategy, online marketing, customer value journey, reputation management, social media marketing, and local search engine optimization.

He is a ready-made podcast guest with a high level of expertise in the marketing industry, and is equipped with USB/External Microphone and a Webcam for remote interviews.

As a Best Selling Author and Chief Marketing Strategist, Ken Tucker is an excellent potential podcast guest who can bring unique and knowledgeable insights into the marketing industry.

His knowledge, experience, and expertise make for an interesting conversation that can help to educate and inform your audience.