Ken Vermeille

Tech-savvy product design and development professional with 15 years of experience, ready to take on any challenge.

About Ken Vermeille

Ken Vermeille is a tech enthusiast and founder and CEO of Vermillion Sky with 15 years of experience in product design and development.

He is an expert at exploring and implementing new technologies from mobile and web apps to video games, augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence.

Ken has shared his insights on product design and development at the App Growth Summit, and is also the host of his own podcast, “Appsolutely,” which dives deep into the world of mobile apps.

He also has a knack for making dad jokes that are sure to make you laugh and groan at the same time.

Ken is an ideal podcast guest for those looking to learn about the latest trends and innovations in tech.

He is passionate about technology and eager to share his expertise and knowledge on the subject.

His extensive experience with product design and development, as well as his friendly and humorous demeanor make him a great choice for any podcast or speaking event.

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