Kerri Burchill, PhD

"Empowering mid-career leaders and teams to achieve success through strategic slowdowns."

About Kerri Burchill, PhD

Kerri Burchill, PhD is a solopreneur with an impressive background.

She has earned quick promotions and been recognised for her relational skills throughout a ten-year journey that has seen her work in three countries, six cities and nine different jobs.

She has a second master's degree, a PhD in educational leadership and a coaching designation.

Kerri helps mid-career leaders and teams slow down to go fast so they can achieve ambitious goals, and she helps build emotional intelligence by offering training and development to leaders so that they can shift from transactional to transformational leadership skills.

She also helps organizations navigate change and teams work through the stages of team development.

Kerri is an experienced and knowledgeable speaker with a wealth of experience and expertise.

She is able to bring an invaluable perspective to podcast interviews that would be sure to entertain and engage listeners.

As a leader and solopreneur, Kerri is able to inspire others to work through the messy interpersonal dynamics of life and business, and can help individuals and teams identify the root causes of problems to achieve ambitious goals.

Her insights, experiences and stories are sure to be a great asset to any podcast.