Kim Moffat

Political science major and TV production expert with a passion for GOTV: bridging the gap between politics and pop culture.

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About Kim Moffat

Kim Moffat is a political science major and media expert who has lived in Los Angeles for the last ten years.

She has worked in the production office of major TV shows and is highly knowledgeable about the entertainment industry.

In 2013, Kim started a documentary about a Texas gubernatorial campaign, which eventually led to starting her own nonpartisan Get Out the Vote nonprofit.

Kim is the co-host of two different podcasts - one about Dawson's Creek and the other about politics.

She also hosts a daily news show that aims to make the news approachable and easy to understand.

Kim has a studio quality microphone and webcam available, and is available for remote podcast appearances on weekdays and weekends.

Kim Moffat is a great potential podcast guest due to her extensive knowledge, experience, and passion for politics and entertainment.

Her unique perspective and understanding of current events makes her an ideal guest to have a fun and motivating conversation about the world and ways to make it better.