Kim Sorrelle

"Inspiring Entrepreneur and Breast Cancer Survivor: Fueling Passion with Black Licorice"

About Kim Sorrelle

Kim Sorrelle is an inspiring entrepreneur, author, speaker, and breast cancer survivor.

A lover of black licorice, Kim is a passionate storyteller who has dedicated a life-changing year to discovering the true meaning of love and wrote a book about it.

Known for her funny and insightful stories, Kim's experiences in Haiti have taught her valuable lessons about the nitty-gritty, sometimes scary, many times funny aspects of love.

Kim's expertise blends business, parenting, family relationships and self-improvement to provide guests with a unique, meaningful and real-life perspective on love.

With her background in the arts, books, entrepreneurship, parenting, and religion and spirituality, Kim has a lot of knowledge to share with your audience.

Kim is available for both in-person and remote sessions and is equipped with a studio-quality microphone and webcam.

Kim Sorrelle is an ideal podcast guest for any show that wants to discuss the importance of love and relationships.

Her unique story and experiences make her an inspiring and knowledgeable speaker.

Kim's funny and insightful stories will leave your audience moved and filled with newfound knowledge.