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About Kira Dineen

Kira Dineen, MS, CGC, CG(ASCP)CM has over a decade of online media experience in digital marketing and podcasting/radio.

She started “DNA Today: A Genetics Podcast” in 2012 which also became a radio show in 2014.

The podcast has since produced over 250 episodes interviewing experts in the field with 60 sponsors and counting. “DNA Today” won the Best 2020, 2021, and 2022 Science and Medicine Podcast Awards.

In addition, Kira has hosted and/or produced seven other podcasts, many of which are genetic/rare disease related including PhenoTips Speaker Series, It Happened To Me: A Rare Disease & Medical Challenges Podcast, and Patient Empowerment Program: A Rare Disease Podcast.

Kira also has hosted/produced to two other healthcare podcasts: Insight Says: A Mental Health Podcast and Advancing Dentistry: A Dental Podcast.

She was selected and served as a member of NSGC’s Digital Ambassador program for three years.

Kira received her Diagnostic Genetic Bachelor’s of Science degree at the University of Connecticut and is a certified Cytogenetic Technologist.

She received her Master’s of Science in Human Genetics at Sarah Lawrence College in New York.

Kira was the writer of Sano Genetics’ “Explained By A Genetic Counsellor” blog series.

She currently practices as a genetic counselor in a high risk prenatal private practice, Maternal Fetal Care, P.

C. in Stamford, CT.