KJ Soze

"Unlock the power of Christianity with Max: helping you make sense of the complex."

About KJ Soze

KJ Soze is a Christian nonfiction publisher and author with over 30 years of experience in historical and biblical research.

Based in Niagara Falls, United States, KJ speaks English and writes about topics such as salvation, end times and the afterlife from a refreshing orthodox perspective.

With a goal to strip away mythological and cultural lenses that blind our beliefs from God's intentional gospel, KJ's works cut across various denomination lines to help find unity and clarity.

His writing integrates scientific and analytical skills to take complex subjects about Christianity and simplify them for listeners and readers.

KJ Soze would make a great podcast guest due to his ability to take complex religious topics and break them down into easy to understand messages.

His unique perspective would be extremely valuable to podcast listeners, and his research and understanding of Christianity would make for an engaging conversation.

His experience, knowledge, and breadth of insight would bring a wealth of information and fascinating stories to any podcast.